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Calm Within The Storm

The inner reality determines the outer form.” -Phylicia Rashad

Fear is a commodity, and calm is a superpower.

Our fears and insecurities harnessed in times of unrest are lucrative. Consumption drives many to connect and depend on things outside of self for sustenance. Instead of allowing the Divine wisdom within to guide us, we are often times lead by sound bites, influencers, and “gurus.” Not realizing that we are our own guru.

We become consumers of a reality defined by others as opposed to creators of our inner reality. Over consumption can lead to a vicious cycle of dependency. For many, this overload of information is a source of personal turmoil and disconnect.

Therefore, meditation is not simply nice to do, it is vital.

No one entity is responsible for bringing us calm. Calm is an inside job, cultivated from the inside out.

2020 is on record for being the year that will put either our fears or our calm to good use. We currently face obstacles that challenge our minds, bodies, and spirits. Therefore, staying balanced, healthy, and mindful cannot simply be an empty moniker. In today’s climate these qualities are revolutionary, they preserve our minds and sustain our spirits in times of unrest.

It takes commitment under “normal” conditions to remain balanced, healthy, and mindful. Under extraordinary conditions, staying balanced, healthy, and mindful may seem daunting, even impossible. In uncertain times, it is easy to become distracted and off center.

Then we remember our Ancestors, many of whom were born under circumstances not of their choosing. Through faith, conviction and perseverance they forged lives so that we might thrive. Their lived experience demonstrates that anything is possible with conviction.

Calm, just like any other superpower, requires practice and commitment. Calm requires aligning or anchoring with our highest self. Thus allowing us to stand in-place knowing that even in the most uncertain of times, we are safe. How do we find calm in the eye of the storm? How do we stay balanced in times of uncertainty and unrest?

We get quiet.

We were born centered.

The heart is the first sound believed to be shared between mother and child. A rhythm that tethers us to the ethereal. Our hearts were calibrated to synchronize with the Divine, before we entered in this space. All we have to do is remember its rhythm.

Finding alignment. Finding center. Finding calm requires that we quiet the mind so that the heart might speak.

Remember, you were born centered. It is your birthright.

The echo in our hearts' chambers is intelligent and ancient. It not only carries life giving blood and nutrients through our bodies, our heart energy has sustained us throughout our life. Today, for just a few minutes we honor it…

In a calm peaceful environment, dim the lights. When you are ready. Place your hands palms down on your thighs. Place your hand over your heart. *Sit with its rhythm. Inhale in three deep breaths. Hold for three counts [1-2-3]. Exhale for three counts [1 - 2 - 3]. Give thanks.

Repeat these steps as many times as you desire. Anytime the world gets noisy, remember peace is where you make it.

Perfect peace.

Perfect calm.

Perfect love.

Perfect light is awaiting you inside the beauty that is your heart.

*My favorite tool for beginners in meditation is a stethoscope. You can purchase an inexpensive stethoscope on Amazon. While sitting in your quiet space, use this tool to hear and connect with the beauty of the Most High’s work

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