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Organizational Culture/Climate Consultants & Coaching

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Imprint Wellness is a Boutique Organizational Development Firm founded by N. Harley, MSOD.  We are experts Organizational Development practitioners who focus on Organizational Culture, Climate and Purpose Coaching. Our deep expertise in Workplace Culture and Climate Assessment, Knowledge Management, Conflict Resolution and  Individual Coaching informs our work.  Creating, optimizing and sustaining harmonious and safe Organizational Climates and Cultures is our purpose and passion.  

When consulting in Organizations our focus is understanding the root-cause of systemic organizational challenges while creating a plan of action for our partners desired future state. Healthy systems require healthy team-members. Coaching allows us to shift our lens to personal development, individual goal achievement and holistic wellness and well-being.  We assess clients from a mind-body-spirit lens and create an individual Coaching plan of action based on that landscape. 

Our methodically is based in the science of Organizational Development, Well-Being Coaching and rooted in heart-centered mindfulness. It is our Vision and Mission to assist our business partners in cultivating Sanctuary with their organizations from the inside out.

We provide innovative solutions to organization in the areas of

  • Culture and Climate Assessment 

  • Purpose Coaching

  • Value-Based Training

  • Mobile Ombudsman (Mobile OM)

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Organizational Development is a collaborative, planned process of change to an organization's Culture and Climate using data collection, diagnosis, action planning, intervention and evaluation.  With expertise in assessing organizational cultures, examining hostile work environments, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mediation and developing and delivering Anti-Racism training and development, Imprint Wellness is equipped to deliberately co-create balanced environments with our business partners. Purpose Coaching holistically assists clients in finding center and purpose, from the inside out.  Tailored to meet and exceed  individual goals and expectations.  Purpose Coaching is designed to take all aspects of your personnel well-being to the next level.

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Assessment is a key Organizational Development tool needed for understanding the breathe and scope of an organization's environment. As Organizational Development Specialists our team uses both qualitative and quantitative measures to and assess analyze Organizational Culture.  We then design programs and interventions in alignment creating and sustaining a harmonious organizational culture.  We specialize in assessing hostile work environments using Trauma Informed Indicators.

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Our Foundational experiential Training and Educational Workshops include: 
1. Understanding Implicit Bias
2. Beyond Diversity and Inclusion 
3. Organization Strategy and Development 

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Conflict is an inevitable part of human-human interaction.  Unresolved workplace conflict can result in physical or emotional withdrawal, resignation, aggression, and even workplace violence. Mobile OM is conflict resolution for a mobile workforce.  

Experts in workplace mediation and investigation our Mobile OM team assists organizations in resolving conflict at the root.     



As leaders we are ambassadors for our values. At Imprint Wellness we believe that leadership is developed from the inside out.   Deliberately Developmental Organizations invest in the sustained develop of leaders at all levels of the organization.  Our Leadership Development Training focuses on creating Catalytic Heart-Centered Leaders.  Our training includes, one-on-one Leadership Development, Purpose coaching, access to our Beyond Diversity Training sessions and sessions on Strategic planning, change management and developing strategic partnerships

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Our Well-Being impacts all areas of our lived experience.  It impacts our mind, body and spirits, how we make meaning in the world and how we connect to higher-self.  Well-Being Coaching is for anyone who wants to take a holistic approach to reaching their fullest potential.



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